Guidelines to Get Permits for Different Types of Developments

Construction is one of the most capital-intensive projects you can undertake. The project can be simple or complicated, depending on the people you engage in the process. Before starting any land development project, you should get the necessary permits for it. Permits are given depending on the type of development that you want to create and the zoning laws of the location where you want to develop land. Here are three common types of developments and simple tips on how to get a permit for each.

Complying Developments

These are developments that have been classified as fit for the zone in question. They are the construction projects which will have the least environmental impact in the area in question. Getting a permit to start a complying development is quite easy. The assessing authority does not have the power to deny you a permit for a complying development within a given zone. However, you have to make sure that your construction project meets all the stipulated criteria for it to be deemed compliant.

Non-Complying Developments

Another common type of development is non-complying developments. These are development projects which are not envisaged for the area because of the negative environmental impact they may have in the place. For example, a zone that has been set aside for residential houses may not accommodate an industrial structure such as a meat processing plant. However, non-compliant developments can be approved in these zones under special circumstances. The only way to get a permit for a non-compliant development would be to get an assessment from a competent professional about the possibility of getting approval for a non-compliant development project.

Merit Development Plans

These are the proposals which neither fall under the complying nor the non-complying category. They are unique and are assessed separately, each one on its merit. The building code and policies form the basis for this assessment, and if your proposal meets certain criteria, you might be allowed to start developing on land that normally you wouldn't gain access to. 

These are the three most common development types that you will need to get approval to start. It is important to ensure that you hire professional building contractors in the process of creating the architectural design. They will know which features to include, improving the possibility of the proposal getting a nod from the relevant authorities. They will also ensure that the final product stays compliant and does not raise issues with the environmental planning authorities.