What Is The Difference Between Vacuum And Hydro Excavation?

If you want to use non-destructive digging on a job site then you have to decide whether to use a vacuum or hydro procedure. While both these excavation techniques work in the same basic way, they do have some differences. It's important to choose the right technique for your job. How do these types of non-destructive digging work? Which one will work best for your job? What Is Vacuum Excavation? [Read More]

Interesting Facts You Ever Wanted to Know about Directional Drilling

Directional drilling describes any boring design that is not in a straight line. Basically, most boreholes are designed to go straight to the water table. Directional drilling deviates to avoid previous stuck pipes or any geological formations, then returns to the original path. However, most people have not adopted this method of drilling, especially in the home setting. The techniques involved in the process have been employed for many decades. In addition, technological improvements have played a role in improving operations involving turns, underground distances and angles. [Read More]