Different Style Timber Fences For Your Home

Timber fences create a classic, durable option for your home, and are available in various forms and colours. Read on to discover several different styles of wooden fences on offer.

Paling Fences

Standard paling fences use wide treated pine planks that connect to form an opaque, private barrier. Over time, though, the palings can shrink to leave slight gaps in between. Pine posts at intervals hold the structure firm. You can construct these barriers in a range of heights to suit your needs and to provide different degrees of privacy. With a warm, grainy aesthetic, this style is a popular choice for many backyards.

Paling Fence Customisations

A range of customisation options is available for paling fences to create a more polished and functional barrier. A lapped fence features two layers of palings, which eliminates the chance of gaps developing. Typically, the back layer features wider palings than the front. To enhance the finish and create a smart-looking fence, you can add pine capping along the top to conceal the paling ends. To bring the barrier to the next level, add a layer of decorative timber lattice on top of the capping.

Slat Fences

For a contemporary look across the front of your home, you could construct a slat fence. Timber slats in varying widths combine horizontally to create a wall with different privacy levels. Space the slats farther apart for an open look, or sit them more closely for added privacy. Because they're not opaque, these fences have a light aesthetic while affording some seclusion. The fence might consist of treated pine, hardwood or composite boards, which are available in a diverse range of hues from pale blondes to dark browns. 

Pickett Fences

Classic picket fences are popular for front fences, blending particularly well with weatherboards homes. You can paint the smooth-finished treated pine in virtually any colour to harmonise it with your home's facade. With contoured and curved top ends in various heights, you can customise these neat fences to your needs.

Retaining Walls

Whether you're decorating your landscape or creating flat levels on a slope, timber retaining walls form a functional, strong barrier. Fence contractors can construct the barrier using treated pine sleepers that resist termite infestation. Steel within the structure can provide extra reinforcement to ensure it has the power to hold back the earth and soil behind it. Add interest to your garden by constructing a low retaining wall and placing potted plants on top, or cap it with natural stone to create seating.