The Strangest Things Ever Found in Skips

Most people use bin hire as a way of disposing of rubble from construction or waste from a house clear-out. However, people around the world have found some pretty strange things in skip bins. Here are a few of the most curious examples.  16 fancy pigeons In 2012, a skip outside a restaurant in Miami, Florida was found to contain a shipping box holding 16 pigeons. Not only were these pigeons in an unusual place, they weren't just any pigeons: they were racing pigeons worth thousands of US dollars. [Read More]

What to Consider When Installing a New Fireplace

Are you looking to inject some cosiness into your home? Well instead of opting to purchase a space heater, you should consider installing a fireplace in your residence. Fireplaces are not just functional, but they also add rustic charm to your home, which would increase the value of the property. Nevertheless, do not merely choose the first fireplace you come across. Here are the considerations to bear in mind before you hire contractors to install your new fireplace. [Read More]

What You Need to Consider If You're "Going up" with Your Home Extension

Sometimes life can be unpredictable. You may consider yourself to be "empty nesters," with no particular plans to extend your home. However, you may now find that you have to accommodate elderly parents who may have some health problems. To enable you to plan everything correctly, you simply have to extend. If you've considered "going up," what do you have to know to make sure that this approach is successful? [Read More]

Two Tips for Keeping Construction Workers Safe During a Demolition Project

All forms of construction work can be dangerous. However, the process of dismantling a building can be particularly hazardous to labourers' health. Here are two steps that can be taken to minimise the risks associated with this type of work: Manage and minimise exposure to toxic dust Even a small house demolition project will generate massive quantities of dust. Some forms of dust can be extremely toxic when inhaled. Take silica dust, for instance; this is often released into the air when plaster and other building materials are broken apart. [Read More]