Start With A Plan

Do you have an elderly relative in your care? Maybe, you have a son or daughter who wants to move out of home but needs to stay close by. Alternatively, you might want space for relatives to stay when they visit for an extended period. There are many reasons to add a granny flat to your property, and arranging for one is easier than you might think. Before you start, it helps to have a clear idea of your requirements before speaking to an architect or building company.

Planning your granny flat

The structure of your granny flat will be dictated by many factors. The amount of available space is important, although if space is especially limited, it is always useful to speak to an architect who can show you how to use limited space more efficiently. You must also weigh up the available funds for your project since this will impact the materials you can use, the scale of the build, and every other area of the project. However, perhaps what matters in the longer term is how well the new granny flat will meet the needs of the occupant. In many cases, the person living in the granny flat will be elderly and in need of assistance, either now or possibly in the future. By planning and creating a design with future needs in mind, you can ensure that your new granny flat will be useful for many years. Here are two areas on which to focus when planning a granny flat.

Get the entrance right

Creating an accessible entrance is essential if you don't want the granny flat occupant trapped in the building and unable to enter or leave home without assistance. It's best to avoid an entrance that requires steps and fit a ramp instead. If possible, the entrance should be fully wheelchair accessible with space for a turning circle so the wheelchair can be lined up to match the direction of travel. Fitting grab rails to provide additional support for anyone unsteady on their feet can be a thoughtful addition to the front of the property.

Getting the inside right

Inside the granny flat, you must maintain the same accommodation for wheelchairs and walkers with wide doorways and the flooring all on the same level. Fitting slip-resistant flooring can also reduce the likelihood of accidents. The kitchen is often overlooked. Storage is a vital element of any kitchen, but fitting cupboards that require the occupant to bend excessively or to stand on a stool to access is not sensible.

By coming up with a plan before you approach the construction company, you can be sure that the final design will meet your needs. The team building the granny flat may have ideas or suggestions, but your plan will be the starting point, and they will know what features matter to you.

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