What to Consider When Installing a New Fireplace

Are you looking to inject some cosiness into your home? Well instead of opting to purchase a space heater, you should consider installing a fireplace in your residence. Fireplaces are not just functional, but they also add rustic charm to your home, which would increase the value of the property. Nevertheless, do not merely choose the first fireplace you come across. Here are the considerations to bear in mind before you hire contractors to install your new fireplace.

Consider how the fireplace will be mounted

The first thing to decide on would be how the fireplace is going to be installed in your home. Some of the mounting styles that you could consider are:

  • Wall mounting: As the name implies, your fireplace will be installed flush with your wall. If you would like to make it appear traditional, you could have the contractors install a mantel around it to boost the overall aesthetics. Choose the wall that is below your chimney to facilitate easier ventilation.

  • Freestanding: If you have contemporary interior décor in your home, a freestanding fireplace will function as an element of design in your space. Freestanding fireplaces come in a myriad of styles so that you can be assured of a unique heat source. Moreover, freestanding fireplaces are the easiest types to install, which makes them a cost-efficient option.

  • Built-in mounting: These types of fireplaces are inserted directly into your wall. They are a good option if you are looking to upgrade your current fireplace, as the contractors will simply mount the new one in the cavity of the older one.

Consider the type of fuel the fireplace will use

Your choice of fuel for your fireplace will dictate your operational costs. Therefore, it is prudent to weigh the pros and cons of the different options so you can make a decision best on what would suit your household. Some of the fuel sources you could consider are:

  • Gas: A gas fireplace will operate on either liquid propane or natural gas. Your home should be connected to a gas line to make use of this fuel source. Although the installation of a gas fireplace is labour intensive, this type of fuel is highly efficient and user-friendly. You also get the added benefit of having real flames in your fireplace.

  • Electricity: An electric fireplace will generate heat using heat coils and disperse the warm air through internal fans. They may not provide you with the authenticity of real flames, but electric fireplaces are a safe bet for individuals with kids or pets in the home.