Top Decorative Ideas to Improve the Privacy of Glass Shower Screens

Homeowners love glass shower screens in their bathrooms because they add a sense of elegance to the space, not to mention making maintenance easier. However, because of privacy concerns, homeowners must always remember to lock their doors. It is mainly the case if a homeowner has a plain glass shower screen. That said, a family member is bound to forget to close a bathroom door, thereby making it easy for someone to walk in on them. [Read More]

Is Mining Engineering a Suitable Career Path For Women?

The short answer is that mining engineering is a career choice of more women than ever before these days. Although men still outnumber women in the engineering professions across the board in Australia, the mining sector has done more and more to make itself more attractive to skilled female engineers. Of course, that does not mean that more does not need to be achieved. That said, plenty of engineering graduates — both men and women — are entering the mining industry with their first postgraduate employment opportunity. [Read More]

Top Deck Building Trends for Builders to Explore

As outdoor living continues to grow in popularity, the demand for outdoor living space grows in tandem. A deck offers this kind of space to homeowners, and it enhances the outdoor living experience, especially when equipped with outdoor blinds. For existing deck builders, this demand has led to increased competition within the sector. If you do not offer unrivalled service, then you will lose business. Staying up to date with the latest trends is a surefire way of ensuring you keep your clients satisfied. [Read More]

Common Test Plug Installation Mistakes Rookie Plumbers Should Avoid

For a rookie plumber, being tasked with testing the plumbing system of a new building can be daunting, especially if the development is complex. There is a lot you have to consider, and that makes it easy for rookie plumbers to make mistakes when using test plugs. As such, rookie plumbers must familiarise themselves with test plug mistakes. This provides insight into common test plug application mistakes. Read on. Ignoring Site Preparation — When testing the plumbing system of a new building, the first thing you must do as a rookie plumber is clear out the testing site. [Read More]