Factors To Consider During a Home Demolition Project

Demolishing a house does not simply involve knocking it down, clearing the rubbish and constructing a new building. There is a lot involved in demolition projects. You need to acquire the right legal authorisation and work with a professional to ensure the project runs smoothly. Here are some of the factors you ought to consider before engaging in house demolition.

Legal Requirements

Before demolishing a house, you need to obtain a building permit from your local council. You need to submit all the relevant documents for your permit to be processed. It can take a few days before you get the demolition permit. It is usually advisable to work with a demolition service to fast-track the process.

The requirements for obtaining a demolition permit will vary depending on your location. The standard documents that are required irrespective of where you are include a copy of the title for your property and the title plan. You will also be required to provide a site plan of the existing building. Your demolition service will guide you through the whole process and ensure you get a permit in the shortest time possible.

Abolishment Of Services To The Property

Before you start the house demolition, arrange for the abolishment of services to the property. This is a request for the removal of servicing assets, service distribution, and companies metering associated with your property. Your demolition service will advise you on how to make an application for the abolishment of services to the property.

Generally, you should request your electricity provider for the abolishment of an electricity meter. Similarly, you should ask your gas provider for an abolishment of the gas meter. You need to notify the distribution company in advance to complete this request. It is important to note that some companies may require you to pay for this service. Therefore, make sure you research about the requirements when planning your demolition project.


The best way to ensure safety in a home demolition project is to hire a professional demolition service. Strip-outs can be very risky. For example, if a wall removal goes wrong, you or anyone near the building can be seriously injured.

Another safety concern is asbestos removal. Asbestos can be found in roof tiles, floor tiles, texture paint, and many other areas in your house. Asbestos fibres can be easily inhaled, resulting in respiratory problems. Demolition services will come with the appropriate gear and equipment for removing asbestos safely.