Reasons Why Maritime Transport Is Beneficial

Maritime shipping offers a myriad of benefits, which is why it is the most preferred mode of transport by many people around the world. Considering that about 90% of commercial products are transported by ship, this makes it a viable transportation option for global trade. 

Even with the invention of trucks, trains and airplanes, sea transport is the most commonly used means in the importation and exportation of products and services worldwide. Without this industry, the global economy will be at stake, and transportation of bulk commodities would not be easy. Thanks to the shipping industry, intercontinental trade has been a success. Not to mention how transporting goods internationally has seen populations access affordable food and factory-made products. Below are a few benefits of marine transport

Reduced Rates

Compared to other means of transport, shipping by sea has the most competitive rates. So, if you have products to be shipped for long distances, choose maritime shipping. Ideally, your transportation costs will be calculated based on the miles to be covered. Given that air freight services charge six times more than ocean freight, it makes sense to transport your cargo by ship. 

Access to Spacious Ships and Flexible Services

Ocean freight services have various container options, which make it easy for them to serve specific client needs. These containers can accommodate both large and small shipments, which is beneficial to the clients. For instance, clients enjoy reduced rates when shipping smaller loads since one container can hold various shipments, allowing them to share the freight cost. Besides, those with large cargo have access to bulk containers that can suit their shipment size. Therefore, this is an ideal means to use when transporting sizeable products. It is cost-effective and suitable for all your maritime projects, such as harbour event deliveries. 

Ecological Benefits

Most of the transportation means used today have negative effects on the environment as they produce high carbon emissions in the atmosphere. Compared to other modes of transport, like trains and trucks, ships produce the least emissions per ton-mile. Thus, it makes ocean freight a suitable means of transport because of the minimal effects it has on the environment. 

The notable growth in the business world has created more opportunities for the shipping industry. Many companies are looking for shipping solutions that will help save on cost and access timely freight services.  Besides, there is a need to protect the environment. Thus, maritime shipping offers the above dynamic benefits, making it an ideal transport mode for all your shipping needs.