Top Decorative Ideas to Improve the Privacy of Glass Shower Screens

Homeowners love glass shower screens in their bathrooms because they add a sense of elegance to the space, not to mention making maintenance easier. However, because of privacy concerns, homeowners must always remember to lock their doors. It is mainly the case if a homeowner has a plain glass shower screen. That said, a family member is bound to forget to close a bathroom door, thereby making it easy for someone to walk in on them. This article highlights decorative ideas to turn a plain glass shower screen into a beautiful and private barrier.

Glass Decals 

Also referred to as shower screen stickers, glass decals are an excellent way to add both privacy and beauty to a bathroom space with minimal effort. The best place to buy shower screen stickers is online because of the vast array of designs available. However, you can just as easily get pieces from a local specialty store, particularly one that deals with glass doors and windows. During application, ensure that you remove the backing from glass decals to reveal the adhesive.

Air bubbles between a decal and glass surface make it easy for the decal to tear. Therefore, ensure that you remove any existing air bubbles, and a credit card is excellent at this.

Glass Etching 

Some homeowners want permanent decorations for their glass shower screens. Glass etching makes this possible, and the good news is that any person can etch their glass shower screen without prior knowledge of what the process involves. It is all thanks to the availability of glass etching cream. Most glass etching creams can be applied over glass using a regular brush. All you have to do is place a design stencil over a glass screen then gently apply etching cream over the exposed areas. Once done, leave the cream on for at least 5 minutes for it to eat away the top layer of glass. It leaves a permanent design, and the best part is that you can add on to the design at any time. Since the etched sections on the glass are opaque, you do not have to worry about privacy issues.

Glass Painting 

You can easily paint glass shower screens to add privacy and decorative elements. However, any paint will not do because of the moist environment in a bathroom. An exterior grade acrylic paint impregnated with a rust inhibitor is arguably the best paint you can use for a bathroom. It stands up to water very well and does not peel or cause metallic hinges to rust. You can choose translucent paint since it allows light through while still maintaining your privacy.