Extensions Or Renovations, What Does Your Home Really Need?

It is not uncommon to feel as though you are getting bored with your current home after a few years of minimal change. However, by renovating or adding on home extensions, not only do you satisfy that itch to change your surroundings, but you also add value to your property rather than spending it on moving costs. But which direction is right for you? Here is a quick outline that will help you realise whether you are looking for renovations or an extension.

The Benefit Of Home Extensions

Home extensions are a great way to not only increase your total floorspace but to also dramatically change the way your home feels. Most people think of home extensions that add a new bedroom, perhaps for a child you are expecting, but they can do so much more than just add another place to sleep. If you plan your home extensions well, you can revamp your home by changing the location of the kitchen, existing bedrooms as well as your lounge room and study. Or, you could extend a cramped feeling room so that you have more space instead of creating a totally new room. The possibilities are endless.

The Benefits Of Renovating

Renovating is perfect for people who are constrained by their location (such as inner-city inhabitants) or budget but still want to update their home to something more appropriate. Changing out the floorplan, updating the surfaces and fixtures or even knocking down walls to create more expansive spaces are all great ways to repurpose your home through a renovation. The great thing about renovations is that you can do as much, or as little, as you want without feeling committed to a larger project like you would with a home extension.

Which Should You Choose?

When you stop thinking about home extensions as merely a way to add more bedrooms to your home you start to see just how useful they can be. If something has always bothered you about your home's design, then this is the way to fix it properly, without having to do a full knock-down rebuild. Renovations, while still very useful, are not as thorough and constrain you from the freedoms home extensions allow, but they can still be perfectly adequate for people with a smaller budget or vision. 

For more information on home extensions and renovations, reach out to a remodelling contractor in your area.