Why and When You Need to Consider Palmetto Buffalo Turf

When considering types of turf to buy, you may be overwhelmed by the many types you will find. You may hear of types of turf such as Buffalo, Kikuyu, Zoysia, Couch, Hybrid Bermudas, Fescue, etc. These categories may also have some subcategories. For example, Buffalo turf may consist of Sapphire Buffalo, Palmetto Buffalo, Sir Walter Buffalo, Prestige Buffalo, Matilda, etc. To avoid confusion, the first thing you need to do is have a meeting with the turf company. Inform them of your needs, and they will give you turf choices and details explaining why those are your most suitable options. Here, you will learn why and when Palmetto Buffalo turf may be your best solution.

Weather and Environmental Conditions

The climate of your region is a huge factor when considering turf. You want turf that can withstand all the seasons. You also want to look at your turf year-round and see a good green colour. Palmetto Buffalo grass is considered to be resistant to harsh weather conditions and will maintain its green colour even during the winter.

Traffic on the Turf

Will you have people frequently stepping on the turf, or will no one be allowed on the turf? Palmetto Buffalo turf can endure traffic, and it should be your go-to turf if people will be stepping on your turf frequently. What happens is that it grows fast. It has fast-growing runners that branch highly. If it is stepped on, it will recover quickly, making it hardwearing and tough.


There are individuals who have grass allergies. You will need to identify which grasses or turf you are allergic to and avoid them. Palmetto Buffalo turf does not cause allergies as much as some of the other grasses because it has fewer seeds.

Mowing and Weeds

Most of the time, when you are in the market for turf, you want turf that will have the least amount of maintenance. You want to avoid the tiring task of mowing frequently. Palmetto Buffalo turf is not invasive and will not grow too tall or untidy. Mowing may not be required frequently.

Additionally, Palmetto Buffalo turf will outgrow weeds, and you will find minimal cases of weed growth. This shows that this turf will require less of your energy in maintenance. It also indicates that you will have low maintenance costs.

As you can see, when figuring out the type of turf to go with, there are factors that have to be considered. If the above factors match your needs, Palmetto Buffalo turf is what you should get.