Marine Contractor Services for Your Residential Waterfront Property

When you begin renovating the landscape and kerb appeal of waterfront property, you may wonder about your options. One option is to use marine contractors. You might think this type of contractor only handles the development of commercial marine property, but the truth is, there are several services a marine construction and development contractor can offer you. Here are a few of the services and how they can update your property as well as your kerb appeal.

Extending Your Dock

Most residential waterfront properties have a dock. The dock may not be suitable for larger boats, but it does generally accommodate small boats or watercraft. The first upgrade you may want to consider is having the marine contractor extend the dock. This dock extension can be completed so you can have a dry dock for the boat and even docking for other watercraft. You can also have the extended dock upgraded to a retractable or floating dock if you live in an area prone to heavy flooding or storm damage. 

Seawall Building and Reinforcing

An issue many waterfront homeowners have is with washout near the waterline. This can be reduced greatly by the use of a retaining wall or seawall. If you already have a small wall in place, it might need to be reinforced. Your marine contractor can upgrade the seawall to give you not only durability against water washout, but also kerb appeal. Keep in mind that there are multiple styles of seawall upgrades, including various stones, rocks and formations. These can be suited to fit your landscaping design and needs.

Covered Dock and Lighting

You may already have a deck and seawall in place. What you may not have is the ability to enjoy the area year-round. One way to do this is to have your marine contractor design and build a covered dock and a deck with lighting. The lighting can run the length of the deck or just illuminate the covered portion. The lighting can also have a solar power source so you can have lighting on the dock during power outages. 

When you are ready to begin the improvements on your property, contact your local marine contractor. They can schedule a consultation to view your property and discuss the services available to you. They can also give you suggestions on other options that may work well for your property and the overall waterfront kerb appeal. They can also answer pricing questions and deadline questions for the contracting work.