Upgrade Ideas for Your Veranda Renovation

If you have a veranda, you know the importance of maintaining it and keeping it up to date. This means renovating to make those upgrades. The renovation can be simple, like changing the paint colour. It can also mean adding aspects to your veranda that can give you more use out of the space. Here are a few of the upgrade ideas you should consider and how they can help you enjoy your outdoor living space.

Sliding Doors

You may want to consider sliding or pocket doors for your veranda renovation. These doors can be added to the front and sides to give you a space that is enclosed during bad weather. If you don't want to close in the space, you can consider using retractable screens as well. The screens will allow you to use the space in most weather conditions. They will maintain the area by keeping out snow, rain, debris, and most pests. This can be ideal for seasonal use during colder climates when you may otherwise not use the space.

Greenhouse Hedges

One way you can cultivate microgreens and other plants throughout the year while adding a natural touch to your veranda is through greenhouse hedges. These hedges are designed to give a half wall look through the use of wood or stone bases. The top of the base, or the hedge, is created from a greenhouse material of glass or a similar option. The greenhouse is artistic in design and not typically industrial. The hedges allow you to plant small herbal gardens and microgreen gardens throughout the year. 

Sunken Fire Pit

One addition you will see mentioned are fire pits with sitting areas. The issue is that many people do not want a fire pit out year-round. One upgrade you can make is to have the fire pit built into the veranda as a sunken and safely enclosed fire pit option. This means a cover would be in place when the fire pit is not in use. The cover can be designed to look like the rest of the verandah. This gives an attractive and useful addition to your outdoor parties during cooler weather, but it can also be stored easily and without taking up additional room. 

If you would like to add any of these upgrades to your veranda, or if you have other ideas, contact your local contractor. They can help you with designs, implementing the ideas and pricing. They can also help with suggestions for materials and for other upgrades that may benefit your outdoor living lifestyle.

Reach out to a professional to learn more about your veranda options.