Understanding Civil Construction Work

If you are interested in civil construction work or just want to know what it is all about, you're in the right place. Civil construction work is construction work related to the planning, development and maintenance of public infrastructure. Such infrastructure includes roads, buildings, dams, bridges, water reservoirs, railways, sewer systems, airports and subdivisions. Generally, the infrastructure used to make the lives of the public easier.

What Kind of Professions Are Considered in Civil Construction Work?

Individuals have the notion that they have to be civil engineers to get hired. This is not the case. These professionals can also be employed:

  • surveyors
  • concreters 
  • road markers
  • heavy vehicle operators
  • demolition staff
  • project managers
  • site managers
  • electricians
  • welders
  • landscapers
  • signage
  • excavator staff
  • construction managers
  • traffic managers
  • steel fixers
  • civil labourers
  • loaders
  • compactors

What Does the Work Entail?

Of course, you will handle the roles and responsibilities of your particular profession. Besides that, you may work with clients and governments. You have to follow the guidelines set by local bodies, the government and clients. Before creation or development, plans have to be approved by the local authorities and government. You can also be included in making decisions on cost estimations and contract development in your particular area of expertise.

How Do You Apply for Civil Construction Work?

Civil construction work involves three major parties, which include the government or local authorities, individuals with particular professions and companies. Other parties are either interested in the project or are affected by the project in a certain way.

You need to look out for tenders and job ads on government websites or local news media. Many people and companies apply for the positions, so you have to make sure you stand out from the competition. You need to hold the necessary qualification documents and licenses because you might not be considered if you don't have them. For example, you cannot operate a heavy vehicle without training, certificates and licenses to show you are qualified.

Construction work is hazardous, and injuries and damage to property will likely occur at some point. Workers who hold qualification documents have undergone training on safety measures during construction projects.

Companies need to have a proven record of professionalism. They also need to have a positive reputation. This record is obtained from prior work and the fact that the company has a strong and known brand name. Without such qualities, it might be difficult to win a tender. Therefore, make sure you always conduct your business professionally and make quality a priority.

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