3 Compelling Reasons for Contractors to Use Carbon Steel Pipes

Some renovation projects require a complete or partial replacement of the existing piping system as a result of aging pipes, or in some instances, damage to the tubing during the repair process. While there is no harm in replacing aged or damaged pipes with new ones of similar material, it is good practice to advise clients on different pipe brands that offer better features. For instance, carbon steel pipes have become ubiquitous in household piping systems for various reasons. This article highlights some of the advantages that a contractor stands to gain by proposing carbon steel pipes to clients.


When thinking about replacing a piping system for drainage or gas flow, safety should be given priority. Since other types of pipe materials need protection from leakages, pests and rotting, contractors are forced to use chemical preservatives, glues and pesticides. The chemicals can cause health and safety issues when not handled properly. However, carbon steel pipes do not need such protection, and contractors do not have to use chemicals during the underground installation of pipelines. Moreover, carbon steel is robust and inflammable, which makes the pipes resistant to external forces such as tornadoes or earthquakes. The above benefits make carbon steel pipes the best material for piping systems in homes, especially in gas supply.

High Tensile Strength

The demand for smaller-diameter pipes inside homes is increasing as homeowners try to make their houses less cramped and more efficient. However, it can be a problem since pipes have to withstand a certain amount of pressure to be considered safe for household application. While materials such as cast iron have the same tensile strength as carbon steel, the latter can maintain the tensile strength despite the thickness. It makes carbon steel the best piping material option for pipework installation projects that need small pipes without compromising on tensile strength.

Cost Effective

Homeowners want to keep the costs as low as possible during renovations. The fact that thinner carbon steel pipes still have a high carrying capacity makes them a budget-friendly option. Notably, thinner carbon steel pipes ensure that the upfront cost is kept low, which makes them the best choice for a cost-conscious homeowner or contractor. The durability of carbon steel also makes it a cheaper alternative for a piping system in the long run, since repairs are minimum. Besides, the fact that steel is the most recycled material in the world reduces the production cost of carbon steel pipes considerably.