How to respond to a failing foundation

Have you begun to experience problems with doors or windows that refuse to close properly? Are there cracks starting to appear in the floors or walls of your home? If you begin to notice any problems like this then you need to get the foundation of your home checked.

How do foundation problems develop?

The most common cause of foundation problems is mistakes that were made during the original construction of the property. All buildings settle over time and this doesn't usually cause any difficulties but if the fill soils under the building were not correctly compacted during construction this can lead to uneven settling of the building over time. Another cause of foundation failure is poorly conducted maintenance around your foundations which can damage them and leave you needing substantial foundation work to put the problem right.

Do you have a foundation problem?

There are many possible signs that you may need foundation work carried out. Visible cracks in your foundations are the most obvious sign but they are also not usually the first thing you look for. You are much more likely to see cracks spreading on your floor, walls or ceiling, or even gaps starting to appear between the floor and the wall or the wall and the ceiling. Once you start to see any of these signs then you must look for a company to carry out foundation work.

Do you really need to act?

Sometimes when you first suspect a foundation problem it can be tempting to ignore the issue. Perhaps there is only a small crack that you can easily paper over and hide, so why spend more money on your foundations? Ignoring the problem may be tempting but it is a bad idea. Foundation problems get worse over time and ultimately leaving a foundation problem unresolved may lead to your home becoming unsaleable and perhaps requiring demolition.

What type of foundation work do you need?

You will need to talk to contractor to assess the most appropriate foundation work for your situation. They will need to study your failing foundation and consider whether underpinning is the right solution or whether something else can be done. If your foundation needs to be raised then it is probable that either piering or slabjacking will be used. Slabjacking will float the foundation to the correct level using a grout mixture while piering will fit supports under your foundation. To find out which type of foundation work is right for you call local contractor today.