Steps Taken When Installing Timber Decking

Few types of outdoor spaces can compete with quality timber decking. A timber deck is a truly multipurpose space that can act as a great barbecue area, a place to relax and soak in the sun, or even a surface to attach to an outdoor pool.

Timber is also a durable and highly flexible material to use for building decks. When you hire a timber decking service to install an outdoor deck on your premises, they will typically carry out the following steps during installation.

Laying the groundwork

The first step installers will take is to prepare the ground for installation of the deck. This will typically involve compressing any loose soil on the outside using a thumper or other leveling equipment. This will ensure the timber decking is on stable ground. Weed control fabric is also often placed on the ground to prevent weeds from sticking out through the wood and onto the deck during future dates.

Next, concrete slabs will be installed at the corners and the center of the decking area. These slabs are important for spreading the weight of the deck and keeping the timber foundation clear of damp ground conditions that would otherwise cause the wood to rot over time. 

Setting up the outer frame

To begin the actual deck building, timber decking installers will prepare a box frame that will allow for an overhang of one board of wood at each edge. To compose the frame, nail joists will be used to secure and fasten panels inside the frame at regular intervals.

Once the outer frame is complete, it will be checked for height and fit to the outside surface. Adjustments can then be made by wither adding to the concrete base or adding floor tile to raise the height of the deck.

Laying the timber decking planks

Once all the dimensions of the frame are correct, the timber decking installers will begin to add the actual planks to the deck. There are many designs that can be used, and it will ultimately be up to you and your desired style. The corners can then be planed and sanded to create rounded edges wherever necessary.

In some cases, a decking plank will also be added to fit flush with the outer panels of the rest of the decking material.

Adding steps to the decking

If there is a significant drop between the deck and the bottom ground, a set of steps will be installed to allow for easier access to the timber decking. The steps can include a gradual drop until the bottom surface, or a set of stairs made from the same material as the rest of the area.

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