How an Amazing Exterior Can Really Showcase Your Custom Home Design

If you like to blaze a trail and lead an exciting and unusual life, then you always like to create an impression. There's nothing more exciting, therefore, than the opportunity to build the home that you will live in from scratch. If you've found your perfect site, then you've got to start those creative juices flowing. What type of statement do you want to make with your exterior?

Blending While Still Being Creative

More often than not, you will be building in an area where other homes already exist. Normally, you'll want to be sympathetic to the design of these other structures, and even if the neighbourhood contains period style homes, your new property can incorporate subtle "crossover" elements to help it fit in.

What to Highlight?

Try to use a mix of different materials to create a blended look, with creative use of colour. Decide what feature you want to really stand out, while blending in any others (such as a garage door) that you may want to camouflage.

Material Selection

Natural stone is a very trendy and attractive material these days, and it's also quite affordable. You can create an impressive look using a number of different styles and by mixing in textures with various colours.

Perhaps you want an industrial look and want to use bricks that are designed with a minimalist theme. You may think that less is more and choose only a few different colours and materials, or you might want to blend this style in with some timber highlights.

You may want to achieve a more "environmental" look and decide that timber cladding can also create a very warm, external effect. Some people choose to place virgin wood without any staining, which means that the look of your home will change over time, as the timber begins to age. On the other hand, if you want to maintain the original look, staining will protect the exterior from the area's harsh sunlight.

Focusing on the Entryway

While the main objective is to "wow" people when they first catch sight of your home's exterior, they will soon start focusing on the entryway. This is where you should pay particular attention, with a number of prominent features guiding visitors to the entry foyer. Blend the actual entryway with whatever style you decide to incorporate inside, to create a seamless welcome for all those who enter.

Bringing It to Life

The exterior design may only be a part of your custom home creation, but it will nevertheless make a statement about your individuality. Consult with specialist home designers in order to bring your amazing thoughts to reality.