Two crucial steps you must take to ensure the success of your de-cluttering project

If you have accumulated a massive amount of belongings which you rarely—if ever—use, you may be considering carrying out a de-cluttering session. Here are two important steps you should take to ensure that this process goes as smoothly as possible.

Ask for help

Many experts tell those who are planning a de-cluttering session to be ruthless when it comes to getting rid of items that they no longer use or need. They often advise people to throw out any items that have not been used in the last year or so, regardless of whether or not they might be useful in the future.

Whilst this is good advice, you may find it hard to follow, particularly if you are naturally prone to accumulating and hoarding possessions.

If you suspect that you may end up convincing yourself that you need to keep certain items, it might be worth enlisting a friend or relative to assist you with the de-cluttering process. This will ensure that if, in a moment of weakness, you find yourself coming up with reasons why you 'need' to hold onto a particular item, they can encourage you to (or, if necessary, insist) that you throw it out. Try to choose someone who will not coddle you and who you are confident will not cave into your demands to keep an item.

Hire a rubbish bin

A lot of homeowners underestimate the number of items they own. This is why many make the mistake of not bothering to hire a large rubbish bin for the items they'll be getting rid of during their de-cluttering session. This usually results in them creating a huge pile of rubbish which will not fit into their household refuse bin.

The process of dragging a dozen or more rubbish bags to the closest landfill can be a nightmarish task, especially if you don't have easy access to a vehicle or if you own a compact car which doesn't have enough room to hold more than one or two bags at a time. In this scenario, you may end up having to spend an entire day (or more, depending on how much rubbish you have to dispose of) travelling to the landfill, dumping bags and driving back home to collect more rubbish.

You can spare yourself this exhausting and time-consuming task simply by searching online for a business in your area that provides a rubbish bin hire service. Bin hire companies will usually deliver a bin (in a size of your choosing) to your home and, when you have filled it up with your unwanted clutter, will then come and take it away.

A service of this kind can be invaluable during the de-cluttering process, allowing you to focus all of your effort and energy on ridding your house of unnecessary items, instead of wasting time driving to the landfill.