The Key Benefits of Auger Boring

Are you planning to install some utility lines on your commercial property? Read on and discover why it may be better for you to select a contractor that uses auger trenchless boring to install those utility pipes.


Auger boring is a simple and effective technique that involves encasing an auger inside a pipe. The auger digs a bore as the pipe immediately occupies that bore. This simplicity makes the technique very affordable since the entire process can be completed within a short time. The equipment for this method is more affordable than that used during other advanced trenchless systems, such as horizontal directional drilling. This lower equipment cost translates into lower project costs for you.

Accurate Grade Control

Auger boring makes it possible to determine the precise grade or slope for the pipes to be installed. This is because the bore is occupied by the pipe as soon as the auger drills that bore. No time is left for the ground to settle and alter the grade/slope of the bore. Consequently, you will be less likely to have problems later on, such as slow-moving sewage, in case auger boring is used to install your system.

Reduced Pollution Risk

Auger boring is also attractive because it dramatically reduces the chance that underground water sources will be polluted during the drilling process. This is because hardly any drilling fluids are used during the boring process. This is in sharp contrast to other trenchless drilling systems, such as those using water jets, which introduce lots of fluids into the soil. Such fluids can cause the ground to gradually shift due to the water that is introduced during the boring process. Reduce your potential liability for underground subsidence or pollution by using auger boring.

Suitability for Small Projects

Auger boring is also the method of choice for small commercial projects, such as installing sewer lines beneath malls. This is because augers are designed to operate within minimal depths, unlike other trenchless systems that are more suited to operating at great depths (such as when laying oil pipelines). It will be therefore be easier for you to find several contractors in your area so that you can compare their quotes before selecting one. More options mean you stand a higher chance of getting a good deal. This is in contrast to the difficulties that you may encounter in finding many local contractors with equipment that is primarily designed to handle large projects.

Note that each trenchless boring technique has its own weaknesses. For instance, auger drilling may not work for deeper bores. Consult an expert so that he or she can advise you more about the suitability of auger boring for your project.