Top Deck Building Trends for Builders to Explore

As outdoor living continues to grow in popularity, the demand for outdoor living space grows in tandem. A deck offers this kind of space to homeowners, and it enhances the outdoor living experience, especially when equipped with outdoor blinds. For existing deck builders, this demand has led to increased competition within the sector. If you do not offer unrivalled service, then you will lose business. Staying up to date with the latest trends is a surefire way of ensuring you keep your clients satisfied. This article highlights the latest trends in deck building that builders should be aware of. 

Dry Under-Deck -- Since most decks are raised, the space below is often exposed to water issues. For homeowners that want to maximise their outdoor space, it can be frustrating knowing that they cannot use the under-deck area. Creative deck builders are changing this by creating a dry zone under the raised deck. The builders use waterproofing material to seal the ground, thereby converting what would otherwise be unusable space into an extension of the deck. For homeowners that do not have a roofed deck, this dry zone offers an excellent space to store furniture when it rains or when the pieces are not in use. Other homeowners can make the dry zone another relaxation area, especially for children, as long as the height is reasonable enough to prevent the kids from banging their heads. 

Mimicking Indoor Materials -- When you think about outdoor living, the first thing that comes to mind is 'bringing the inside out. This includes equipping the deck with comfortable furniture, a fireplace, and blinds, among other things. However, since decks are exposed to external elements, builders avoid using materials meant for indoor construction. Thanks to composite deck boards mimicking indoor building materials such as hardwood flooring, deck builders can provide a seamless transition from the indoors to the deck. For example, if your client has rustic hardwood flooring in their house, you can use a composite material that has a similar look. This ensures a seamless walk onto the deck from the main house. 

Permanent Deck Floor Seal -- Sealing the deck's floor is a mandatory part of the final touches of building a deck. However, since the deck is exposed, the seal will wear over time. Therefore, homeowners are advised to reseal their deck floors occasionally. However, if they do not reapply the sealant correctly, then the floor will not be adequately protected. A permanent seal is a new product in the market that eliminates this problem for your clients. When you use a permanent sealant, your clients will not have to worry about the floor's condition.  

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