Include These Steps in Your Crocidolite Asbestos Management Plan for Maximum Safety

Asbestos was one of the most popular building materials and supplements in the past century. Its ban in the country came after discoveries that the substance was connected to the development of asbestos poisoning and the development of conditions such as mesothelioma, which is a type of lung cancer. Buildings that have come up after 2003 are not likely to contain asbestos, but tests are necessary for older buildings. There are three types of asbestos and crocidolite or blue is the most dangerous; this is because is harder and more brittle than the other types and breaks easily, releasing dangerous fibres which can be inhaled.

Asbestos management

Whether you suspect the presence of blue asbestos or not, having a management plan is necessary, especially when your building is old. The overall goal of the plan should be to make sure that no one is exposed to the harmful substance and if it is discovered, removal is done without anyone getting unnecessary exposure to it. There are elements that must be part of your management plan.

Have a reporting plan

The first part of your plan should be to have a clearly communicated system of reporting when asbestos presence is detected. All the employees at the workplace should know the person to contact if they suspect the presence of asbestos in their place of work. The people who get the first report should also understand the relevant bodies to report to so that the proper tests can be done as soon as possible to contain exposure.

Removal plan

There are several ways that you can decide to deal with the asbestos. After reporting has been done, and the relevant tests have been conducted to confirm the presence of blue asbestos, you can choose to have it removed or encapsulate it with a false wall. The plan should be detailed, depending on the amount of asbestos found, and its location.

Think of special circumstances

Asbestos is easy to manage when you own the building alone. However, if it is a shared building, you would have to consult the other people before making decisions to tear walls down. Also, if the building is large, like a warehouse, the measures you take will have to be very massive. Include all these special circumstances in the original plan and let all stakeholders know about your plan beforehand.

Managing asbestos is easy when there is a set management plan. Having a plan reduces exposure risk and helps you minimise downtime for repairs. For more information, contact your local asbestos testing service.