Unique materials to use in your garden

If you are planting a new garden, it can be a fun to plan some specific features such as artwork and sculptures that add additional interest and focus garden users on a certain part of the yard. If you want to have a unique feature, why not use some less commonly used building materials like the ones listed below. 


Perspex and other clear plastics can be a great option for landscape features. It's especially popular in small gardens as it looks great as a feature but is also transparent so doesn't impact on the impression of the yard size.  Its clear nature allows them to look different at different times of the day and they can be combined with lights to make a range of interesting effects. It is also a hardwearing material that can be left in situ for a long time without causing any damage. It is often used in windows and other barriers and can be bought and cut to shape at most hardware stores. 

Copper piping

Copper piping from old houses can be welded together to create an industrial style feature which is unique and dynamic. The material is relatively soft so there is a lot of flexibility in the shapes it can take on. Copper also takes on a colourful blue-green patina when let exposed to the elements, so it changes colour and texture over time. This contrasting and changing colour scheme can be a beautiful complement to a flowering garden and will evolve with your yard to create a unique feature. 


While concrete is an industrial and sometimes maligned material, it has some great benefits for yard art. It can be poured and formed into nearly any shape and can be worked in different textures. You can also add colouring agents and/or paint concrete structures which offer a lot of flexibility for someone with a unique plan. It is also very durable and can be easily left in place for many years with no issue. Finally, it is also very inexpensive so if you have a very large yard and picture a massive piece of art as a feature, concrete can be a great material to consider using.

The right building material for your next garden feature or outside piece depends on a range of factors including your garden style, your garden size, your budget and the style of art that you like.