4 Everyday Activities That Can Lead to Skylight Condensation

If you are considering installing skylight windows in your home to allow more sunshine into your living space, you are thinking in the right direction. But nothing in this world is problem-free, and skylight window installations too come with inherent problems. One of these problems is condensation.

In most situations, skylight condensation takes place when warm, moist indoor air ascends to the roof and comes into contact with the cooler glass surface of the window, which is affected by outdoor temperatures and other weather elements. The condensation typically looks like a cloud of mist on the surface of your skylight window's interior glass. This can cause damage to your windows and moisture-turned-water can drip downwards into your interior living space, something you obviously don't want to happen.

Everyday activities in the home is the number-one cause of skylight condensation. Here is a breakdown of what some of those activities are.

  1. Human breathing and perspiration: If you have been in a small crowded room at some point, you probably noticed that it felt hot, stuffy and uncomfortable. Your probably started breathing heavily and you could feel sweat trickle down your face, back and other parts of your body. It is these bodily functions that can cause moisture to accumulate in your home and lead to skylight condensation. 
  2. Cooking: If you love eating home-prepared meals, then you probably love cooking. Boiling, baking, deep-frying, microwaving, and other heat-generating cooking activities are bound to increase temperatures inside your kitchen and the rest of the home, and it is likely that the heat will end up on the interiors of our skylight windows, resulting in condensation.
  3. Showering: If you and your loved ones enjoy taking long, hot showers, it can lead to moisture accumulation in the bathroom and other rooms adjacent to the bathroom. The steam that you see rising in your shower could end up anywhere, including on your skylight windows. Hence, showering could be another cause of skylight condensation. 
  4. Doing laundry: When you wash and dry your clothes indoors using a washer and dryer, which is not vented correctly, some of the moist air that leaks into the laundry room can end up on your skylights, causing condensation.

The secret to minimising skylight condensation is to prevent moisture buildup in the interiors of your home. An effective way to achieve this is to ensure the entire house is well-ventilated so as to allow excessive moisture to exit the home.