Simple Pros and Cons of Various Forms of Window Dressing

A room's window dressing, meaning what is used to cover the windows, is very important. Window dressings can help to insulate the home and block hot sunlight during wintertime and help to prevent cold air from passing through the glass during winter. Window dressing can also enhance the look of a space or even detract from it. Note a few simple pros and cons of various forms of window dressing so you can make the right choice for every space in your home.


Curtains can add softness and elegance to a room; when hung very high, they can also add volume and height to windows, making them seem larger. Blackout curtains are used by those who suffer from migraines, to block sunlight. However, curtains are often very difficult to coordinate with furniture and artwork without having the fabric and pattern clash. They also need regular cleaning, especially if you have children and pets in the home.

Roller shades

Roller shades may be available in more colours and patterns than you realize, so they can add style to a room. They're small and compact, so they don't overwhelm the space. It's often good to opt for motorized shades so that you don't need to hassle with springs and cords, but this can add to the expense of installation. To ensure they block sunlight and cold air, you also need to invest in thick insulating shades, as thin shades usually do little to block heat or cold from passing through the glass.


Shutters are very unobtrusive in a room and are easy to match with furniture fabrics, but they do look somewhat rustic, so they may not add a grand feeling you would otherwise get with curtains. The space around the windows also needs clearance for the shutters to open if you want maximum light. The shutter panels will jut out from the wall, so they may not work in a window directly behind furniture.

Window film

Adding window tinting film to your windows can mean not having to get up and adjust the window treatments as the sun moves across the sky; you also don't need to worry about matching the film with your furniture and accessories, or having the window treatment compete with anything else in the room. Thicker film that is meant for insulating can block out cold, bounce UV rays off the windows, and insulate the space from heat. This can make the space more comfortable and also save your houseplants and furniture from too much sun exposure.