Blocked Drain Cleaning: Considerations When Buying a Chemical Cleaner

Blocked drains are one of the most common plumbing problems that you could develop. These blockages tend to be particularly common in your kitchen and bathroom drains as these are exposed to a vast range of contaminants and particulate matter. However, simply because blocked drains is a common occurrence does not mean that you should ignore the problem until it becomes a plumbing emergency. There are a few proactive measures that you could take that would help you prevent as well as manage blocked drains as they occur. The easiest way of eliminating blockages on your own would be using a pipe cleaner. The following are some of the considerations to have in mind when buying a chemical drain cleaner.

Consider the primary purpose of the cleaner

The first thing to note about drain cleaners is that they come in varying degrees of strengths to ensure that your drains are not being exposed to harsh cleaners unnecessarily, especially if the clogs are minor. On the other hand, severe blockages would require specialised cleaners that have the ability to break down the clogs. Therefore, if you are looking for a chemical cleaner that will function to prevent clogs by cleaning your drains on a routine basis, you would be better off with a mild concentrate that would not corrode the interior of your pipes. Conversely, if you have a significant blockage that is causing slow drainage and plumbing issues in your home, you should consider a high concentrate chemical cleaner that will dissolve all debris that it comes across in your drains.

Consider the causes of your blockages

Before you decide on what chemical cleaner would be ideal for your needs, you need to discern what the main cause of the blockages are. A mistake some pope make is assuming they can buy one chemical cleaner to use in all the drains in their home. In reality, since there are different types of debris that go into the various drains, you would not be cleaning your plumbing efficiently. For instance, kitchen drains are highly susceptible to clogs caused by food particles getting stuck on the interior walls of the piping. With this problem, you should opt or drain cleaners designed to break down the food fragments. On the other hand, your bathroom drain tends to be susceptible to clogs due to hair and biofilm collecting inside the pipes. As such, you would need a drain cleaner that can dissolve this biomatter.